Gamer in the Spotlight – Holly

In the inaugural, Gamer in the Spotlight feature we address the truth that board games know no age and are a place for all to play, by firing a few questions at one of the younger members of the clan. Holly is eleven, and, as you’ll discover ahead, has something of a love for a game or three at the table.

Meeple of the Earth: Welcome, Holly, and thanks for taking part in this Q&A. Let’s get straight into it with question one. How did you become a fan of board games?

Holly: I had always liked board games but I didn’t play much. The board games I liked were Monopoly, The Game of Life etc. And they are great games but, they were the only ones I played, and after a while they got a bit boring. Later, I found the channel Geek and Sundry on YouTube and Wil Wheaton’s TableTop. Ever since I have loved board games and play a lot more!

MotE: Well, it is a pretty great show! Next up, What do you love about the hobby?

Holly: I love all the different varieties. Mystery, horror, fantasy and all the others. I love video games but, often you have a set challenge or mission, in board games you have a choice of things you can do on your turn.

MotE: Is there anything you don’t like about it?

Holly: I can’t think of anything I don’t like about board games overall, there are things that I don’t like in certain board games, but nothing all together I don’t think.

MotE: Okay, time to get you thinking. If you could pick five games for the perfect gaming night, what would they be, and briefly, why?

Holly: Looking at the board game shelf now, I could pick loads! Narrowing it down to five, I would have to pick, Dead of Winter, Ticket to Ride, Dixit, Betrayal at the House on the Hill and, One night ultimate Werewolf. I would pick these games because I like the mix of mystery, travel, zombie and others. Also, the mix of long and short games.

MotE: Good choices! And now, four guests to play, alive/dead/real/fictional, your choice?

Holly: This is a tricky one, I would choose, Wil Wheaton, Sheldon Cooper, Howard Wolowitz and my Dad.

MotE: Sounds like you might have a favourite TV show there! Moving on, which two board games would you combine to make that one uber-game?

Holly: I would combine Forbidden Desert and Shadows over Camelot because I like that you have to escape the desert in Forbidden Desert and I think that it would be a bit better if you had to complete quests to do certain things and the possibility to have a traitor, like in Shadows over Camelot. 

MotE: Two excellent choices again! Are there any themes that really sell a game to you?

Holly: I love fantasy and zombie/horror games but I would have to say that my favourite theme is mystery.

MotE: What a mysterious answer. Do you play at home, or do you also venture out in to the world of gaming groups and gatherings, obviously with family as you’re still young? If so which ones?

Holly: I mainly play at home, our board game collection has really grown so we have a lot of games to choose from. I play mostly with my dad and brothers, but we have big family games as well.

MotE: Is there anything you would love to see in a game? Perhaps a gameplay element, or new theme?

Holly: I would love to see more games based on movies or TV shows as they can be some of my favourites. I would particularly like to see a Big Bang Theory board game, if there isn’t one already.

MotE: And you could play it at your game night with Sheldon and Howard! Can you sum up board games as a hobby in one sentence?

Holly: A great family activity that you can have loads of fun with. 

MotE: I can’t argue with that. Now for the quickfire four!

What’s your favourite film?

Holly: My favourite film is the new Beauty and The Beast with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens.

MotE: Favourite book?

Holly: My favourite book is The Lost and The Found by Cat Clarke.

MotE: Do you have a favourite YouTube channel?

Holly: My favourite YouTube channel is Hatsy. She does loads of things but mainly The Sims 4 which is one of my favourite games!

MotE: And finally, your top three bands or artists?

Holly: My top three bands/artists are (in no order) Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Little Mix.

And with that Holly was off, probably to play some games, and definitely to watch some Big Bang Theory! Thanks to Holly for taking part, and good gaming.

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