Kickstarter Watch – Profanity

If you seek a new kid on the block that follows firmly in the footsteps of adult party game’s such as, Cards Against Humanity, only swearier, look no further.

Profanity, the brainchild of Garry Bridgman, has landed on the fabled pages of Kickstarter and hopes to be turning the air blue in properties up and down the land in the very near future.

The neat and devilishly simple, card game is easy to learn, and impossible to forget. When the kids are tucked up in the bed, the glasses are filled and the requirement is for laughter and pushing the boundaries of where swearing can go, then Profanity fits the bill like no other game that has come before.

The basic idea of play sees players draw cards. Upon these cards are a sequence of letters that players must delve deep into the darkest recesses of their imaginations to turn into a sentence dripping with the foulest and bluest language our fair tongue has to offer. As play commences special cards enter the fray, perfectly themed they are too, such as, the cock block card, the douche card, and the beautifully titled, stupid wanker card. At the end of each round players vote on who delivered the funniest line, points are scored, and the madness continues.

I mean, who hasn’t said this at one point or another?

The backs of the cards themselves are decorated in an assortment of sweary suggestions for those players so snowy white such foul terms would never inhabit their vocabulary, and some of these are perfectly inventive, such as, cockwaffle, bitchtits, and assgoblin, and, when I’m next in pleasant company I won’t be happy until I’ve referred to at least one person as a cockwaffling assgoblin with stupendous bitchtits! More tea vicar?

Profanity appears to be a neat filler in the overall banquet of an adult gaming night, and with a price point on Kickstarter that will see the complete game in your hands for just £8, it seems little risk for those looking for the next, Card Against Humanity, or for those simply looking to welcome some dark adult humour into their gaming sessions.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, you can climb aboard the Profanity train right here.

Now, sod off, you bumlicking fuckpenguin!

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