Five Reasons I Love Betrayal at House on the Hill

The fact that you never know when someone will become the traitor and you never know who it will be, I find really cool.

Betrayal at House on the Hill is my favourite board game ever. Mystery is my favourite genre, you’re in an old spooky mansion and even the pieces are amazing! Here are some other reasons why I love the game so much!

The genre. As I said a minute ago, mystery is my favourite genre. Betrayal at the House on the Hill definitely falls into the mystery category. The fact that you never know when someone will become the traitor and you never know who it will be, I find really cool. Then after that you obviously have to try to complete your end-of-game goal, which can be quite tricky.

The traitor. Games with traitors are my favourite game to play, even if I’m not the traitor. Trying to figure out who it might be, looking really closely at tiny details (or if my little brother Harrison’s the traitor just realising that he seems to only be taking black cards, then smiling when something terrible happens in Shadows over Camelot.) Also trying to hide the fact that you are the traitor, and if there’s two of you, teaming up. In Betrayal there can only be one traitor and everyone will know who it is, but it’s still so fun which I think is really cool.

The art. The detail of each room card in Betrayal is phenomenal! All the different colours and how each board links to something else in the game. Also, the character figures. My favourite is Zoe Ingstrom/Missy Dubourde with her teddy bear dragging along the floor. I just think that the whole design of the game is amazing and I don’t know many other games that go into that much detail with every single tile.

The Haunt. My favourite thing about the whole game is the haunt. If you don’t know what the haunt is, it’s when a player doesn’t roll a number equal to or higher than the amount of omen rooms currently in play, resulting in one of the players turning into a traitor and leaving the table to read their new main objective whilst the remaining heroes do the same. I love wondering who the traitor is going to be and getting excited when it’s me, but the main thing that I love is the fact that there are 50 haunts in the base game and with the Widow’s Walk expansion, there are 100! In every single game you get a different experience, yes, some better than others, but you will always find some that you love.

Good for younger Gamers. I recently played a game of Betrayal with my Dad, my older brother Dylan (17) and my little brother Harrison (7) and it was really good. Despite the box saying 12+ Harrison loved it and rarely need help with cards and dice rolling. Sometimes younger gamers might need help with the haunt but other than that I think that this game is good for ages 6+ which is another reason I love it so much. Harrison (I think) is one of the best people to play board games with because he is so creative. He really makes the game that bit more interesting and is just plain crazy sometimes. I especially love playing Dixit with him because his clues are awesome, but even in betrayal he always has little tricks and is so sneaky when he’s the traitor!

Those were just some of the reasons why I love Betrayal at the House on the Hill so much but there are many more. I would love to write some more reasons why I love other games and hopefully do some reviews in the future. Thank you for reading and thank you to Dad for letting me write this little post which I loved doing! See you soon!

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