Holly’s Top Five Big Bang Theory Episodes

The Big Bang Theory is my favourite show in the whole world. As someone who has watched the entire series countless times and knows every episode, you begin to develop favourites, so here they are!

  1. Season 6, Ep 21, ‘The Closure Alternative.’ ‘The closure alternative’ is my favourite episode in the whole series, every season, every episode, this one has always stood out to me. Perhaps it’s because I also have OCD and for anyone who does have it, you will either love this episode, hate this episode, or a bit of both. I love it.

  1. Season 5, Ep 24, ‘The Countdown Reflection.’ I love this episode simply because of Howard and Bernadette’s wedding. Everything about it, the set-up, the humour, Howard’s mother, I just love watching it and always get excited when it comes on.

  1. Season 10, Ep 1, ‘The Conjugal Conjecture.’ This episode is from one of the later seasons, so net everyone will have seen it. This episode contains Leonard and Penny’s 2nd wedding and the insane amount of awkward that comes with it.

  1. Season 1, Ep 4, ‘The Luminous Fish Effect.’ In this episode, Sheldon loses his job, resulting in him picking up lots of hobbies, such as, experimenting with luminous fish, experimenting with eggs and using a loom. I just love Sheldon’s reaction when Leonard calls his mother and the episode is all-in-all amazing!

  1. Season 4, Ep 8, ‘The 21-Second Excitation.’ The summary of this episode is, Sheldon, Leonard, Raj and Howard plan to attend a screening of Raiders of The Lost Ark with 21 seconds of added footage, however Sheldon’s ‘Arch Enemy’ Wil Wheaton shows up and cuts the line, resulting in the guys no being able to see the movie, meanwhile, Penny hosts a girl’s night with Bernadette and Amy who invites herself. I love this episode anyway, but the fact that Wil Wheaton is in it too is a bonus.

Well thank you for reading! Those were some of my all-time favourite episodes of The Big Bang Theory, but all episodes are amazing! If you haven’t seen the show and have Netflix, I seriously recommend that you try it, and if you don’t have Netflix, the show is on TV some nights. I am hoping to review some games and also do some more fives, possibly involving Wil Wheaton. Thank you again, and I’ll see you soon!

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