Kepler – 3042 Lifts Off in December

In just over two weeks the chance to explore and colonise the furthest reaches of the galaxy will be landing on the planet we call home.

Former Kickstarter project, Kepler – 3042, challenges players to head off into the great unknown with the task of exploring, colonising, and terraforming the various planets of the Milky Way, in an attempt to be remembered as the greatest of humanity’s pioneers.

The game is built upon peaceful competition, resource management, technology development, and critical action selection.

Kepler – 3042 faces stiff competition from a variety of other games when it comes to epic space adventure, however, initial feedback has been positive, and this might well be the one to reach the stars.

The game releases on December 13, and is pitched at 1-4 players, with a play time of around 60 to 90 minutes.

YouTube voice of board games, Rahdo, offered a few positive thoughts here:

For myself, the game looks great, the theme is appealing and the scope is a real draw too. Fingers crossed, Kepler – 3042, delivers on all fronts.

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