Dixit: Do You Need The Expansions?

I would like to talk about Dixit and the many expansions that the game offers. Dixit being one of the first board games we bought, we have played it a lot and gradually gathered more and more expansions to enhance gameplay.

This is what I think of the expansions, and my opinion on if you need them or not.

So far, we have the base game and expansions: Daydreams, Quest and (my favourite) Revelations. Dixit is and amazing game, no doubt, and the base game is great by itself. I’m going to be focusing on the cards today, the quantity of cards and the artwork.

You get 84 cards in the base game, which is quite a lot, but can get repetitive quickly. You also get 84 cards in each expansion pack, which you can all play at once if you really want to.

The reason the cards get repetitive is because you have to give the other players a clue about the picture on the card that you played, and with only the base game you may find tricky to think of a new clue each time that card is played.

Each expansion pack comes with a new style of artwork, which can be really interesting when playing the game. In my favourite expansion, Revelations, most of the cards have gold shimmer, highlighting some aspects of the picture. That is the reason that revelations is my favourite expansion pack, the cards ( I think) are by far the prettiest, and the easiest to make clues for.

With each expansion you obviously get new cards each with a new picture, but the thing that I like is that each expansion has a new kind of artwork. When we got our first expansion (Quest) I was worried that it would change the game too much, and that I wouldn’t like it, but all you have to do is add the new cards into the deck and the game plays exactly the same.

So, in conclusion, after hopefully explaining expansion packs well, I would say… Dixit is a great game with or without expansion pack, but if you have played the base game and plan on playing Dixit a lot more in the future I would suggest buying at least on expansion, just to vary the gameplay and make the entire experience a little bit more interesting.

But that’s just my opinion.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. please tell me if you have Dixit and if you do, do you have any expansions… what do you think of them?

Thanks again and happy gaming!

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