Gamer in the Spotlight – Rachel

Welcome one and all to the second outing for, Gamer in the Spotlight, the quickfire Q&A feature where we dig a little deeper into what makes us board game fans tick. Today we meet, Rachel, a wife, mother, board game fan, and owner/writer over at iMummyGeek

Welcome Rachel, thank you for taking some time for this Q&A and allowing us a little insight into your board gaming habits. Let us begin.

Meeple of the Earth: How did you get into board games?

Rachel: Hubby is board game crazy, I thought it would be one of his fads but it has become a mega obsession. The family began playing and it went form there.

MotE: What do you love about the hobby?

Rachel: Family time. Getting everyone around the table, a full range of ages all laughing and playing together. What could be better than that?

MotE: That’s such a great call, and probably rings true for a lot of players. Next question, is there anything you don’t like about board games?

Rachel: Reading the rules, and that first play of a game with the rules by your side and a lot of stop/start playing. That is frustrating and I always try to get in on the second or third play of a new game in the house.

MotE:  Very shrewd! Now, here’s a potentially tricky one, could you pick five games for the perfect gaming night and give a brief reason why?

Rachel: Start with some Dixit because it’s quick and suits all ages, then onto a bit of Ticket to Ride, an easy game to play and everyone enjoys it without fail. Then maybe Shadows Over Camelot because it is my absolute favourite game of all time ever! Then we go for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong because I love the idea of us all trying to work out the clues and the clash of ideas between players, and finally, Lanterns, my newest purchase and an easy to play, fun, and light-hearted end to the night.

MotE: That sounds like a good night of gaming, nothing too heavy or long winded either. How about choosing four guests to join you, these can be alive, dead, real, fictional, or whatever else you can dream up?

Rachel: Ed Sheeran, seems a bit geeky and might enjoy it, into his Lego so might enjoy a board game or two, then we would have Wil Wheaton, the gamesmaster general! Next on the list would be Jack Black as he always seems upbeat and funny, and Professor McGonagall because she seems like someone who would keep everyone else in line whilst enjoying the games.

MotE: I see you spent all of two seconds picking Ed Sheeran there! Another tricky one incoming, what two combined games would you mix to create one uber-game?

Rachel: I would love to combine Dream Home and Ticket to Ride where players try to build their own neighbourhood across a board in a competitive environment. That might work.

MotE: Sounds like a plan! Are there any themes that really sell a game to you?

Rachel: I like the darker and more mysterious games out there, such as Dead of Winter and Mysterium. But I also like abstract tile laying games like Qwirkle and Lanterns with little theme attached.

MotE: Do you play exclusively at home or do you ever venture out to board game clubs, conventions and the like?

Rachel: I’d like to experience a gaming group but we currently play at home with the family. Maybe one day we’ll venture out with our hobby.

MotE: Is there anything you would love to see in a game, maybe a new element or theme?

Rachel: That’s a tough one, there seem to be so many games getting released these days that it’s hard to find something that hasn’t already been done in some form or another.

MotE: Can you sum up the hobby in one sentence?

Rachel: It’s all about friends and family together with lots of fun, laughter and great memories.

MotE: Now for the quickfire four. What’s your favourite film?

Rachel: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

MotE: Favourite Book?

Rachel: Probably Richard Laymon, The Beast House Chronicles, I used to read Richard Laymon all the time!

MotE: Do you have a favourite YouTube Channel?

Rachel: FailArmy is always good for giggle.

MotE: And your top three bands or artists?

Rachel: Easy! Beyonce, Ed and Pink.

And with that Rachel is away, off to play games, write posts, and listen to Ed…not necessarily in that order!

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