Reviews, Scores & What it all Means?

I thought I’d offer a little insight in to our review process here.


The basic scoring is taken from the incredibly popular system used over at Board Game Geek. My reasons for this where that, first, it is just a great system that makes perfect sense and offers clarity on the fact that a score of five or six isn’t stating a game is horrible…far from it. Secondly, BGG is the go to site for all things board game related and as such the ratings system is well known for many gamers.

The scores and their meaning is outlined below:

  • 10 – Outstanding – will always enjoy playing and expect this will never change.
  • 9 – Excellent – always enjoy playing it
  • 8 – Very good – enjoy playing and would suggest it.
  • 7 – Good – usually willing to play.
  • 6 – Ok – will play if in the mood.
  • 5 – Average – Slightly boring, take it or leave it.
  • 4 – Not so good – but could play again.
  • 3 – Bad – likely won’t play this again.
  • 2 – Very bad – won’t play ever again.
  • 1 – Awful – defies game description.

The Review.

I have made a decision from the beginning of March to change the way I write reviews. I will from this point on focus upon how it felt to play the game, what magic it conjured or nightmares it induced, how it was for the group, and just the general joy or otherwise the game delivered. I won’t be going into the actual process of playing anymore. I find reading these detailed breakdowns of play a little tedious, and something that works far better on the screen than the page. I also find writing them equally tedious. I understand this will divide opinion but we’ll plough forward and hope you find something of value in the work here.

Thanks for reading.