Hi, and a warm welcome to this little corner of the internet. I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.

Meeple of the Earth is somewhere to air thought and opinion on those beautiful games of card and pixel we hold so dear. Oh, and with a little comic book goodness and the occasional dip into TV land thrown in. Everything written upon these pages is borne from a love of playing games, and, perhaps a reluctance to accept there’s ever a time we should stop throwing dice, zapping aliens, and reading comics.

We have regular review content to get your teeth into, and plenty of features we hope will make your visit a pleasant one. The idea is to be news light and feature heavy, as we believe this is what sparks the imagination of the reader and paves the way for discussion.

In a previous life I produced content for sites such as Nerd Rock from the Sun, Lizard Lounge, This is Xbox, Playstationer, and The Games Tribe, as well as covering news and the odd video game review in my role as journalist at the local rag. Now, the emphasis has moved from looming deadlines to a relaxed enjoyment of writing again. Meeple of the Earth is not about chasing hits, ad revenue, or a huge media presence, it’s simply about sharing a love for gaming and a love for storytelling with like-minded folk.

Pleased to meet you.